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TranzWorldBiz Blockchain DApps

The next generation of the internet, web3, meets the next generation of managing your assets, international agreements, and great ideas.


Our Services



With years of international marketing (both traditional and digital) and business development experience, let us be part of your marketing effort.


DApp Development

Front and back-end development, utilizing html, css, JavaScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB, and Ethereum Solidity and Web3.js technologies.


Ethereum DApp Projects

Check out some or our distributed applications built to run on the Ethereum blockchain network. Note: Requires an Ethereum wallet ... such as Mist or Metamask.

agree3 DApp Project

Cross-Border Contract Provenance System
The next generation of concluding cross-border (international) two party agreements ... creating validation and immutability through the power of the blockchain.

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asset3eX DApp Project

Asset Tokenization
Create provenance for your important digital and real-world assets on the blockchain, through creating unique tokens that can represent almost any type of asset, which can then be managed and if so desired, ownership transferred to another party.

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FRAXsset DApp Project

Asset Fractional Ownership and Exchange
Create fractional ownership or your important digital and real-world assets on the blockchain. Optimal for the support of cross-border (international) joint ownership and exchange assets. A quick escrow function provided for the buy/sell of asset shares (fractions) with ether (ETH) or ERC20 tokens.

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