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asset3eX asset management system

The next generation of the internet, web3, will include a decentralized web powered by the blockchain. asset3eX leverages that capability to help in creating provenance and record of ownership for almost any type of asset, from digital assets like software code, songs, images, video and documents to physical assets like real estate and art. asset3eX creates a unique token of your asset based on the Ethereum Non-Fungible Token (NFT) standard ERC-721 , and then allows for the maintenance, and if so desired, the transfer of ownership of the tokenized asset. Create a record on the blockchain of your important assets!



asset3eX uses the blockchain to create an immutable record that shows a date of origin and ownership for an asset.


Important Assets

asset3eX allows for record on the blockchain of your valuable assets such as software code, music, video, images, and art.


Multi Format

asset3eX supports multiple asset formats like image (jpg, png, gif), text (txt, html, css), application (pdf, js), audio (mp3), and video (mp4).


Transfer Assets

asset3eX allows you to transfer the ownership of your asset, represented by a unique token, to another party.


How it Works

The asset3eX DApp is currently in beta and you can test drive it now on the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet

In order to use this Ethereum DApp you need a web3 supporting browser … something like Mist or the MetaMask browser extension.

asset3ex places a record of your asset on the blockchain which is represented by a unique token based on the Ethereum Non-Fungible Token (NFT) standard ERC-721. First, you create a title and description for your asset (e.g. software code, important document, music, video, image, art). Next, you upload a digital representation of your asset or proof of the asset, which will subsequently be digitally hashed. Utilizing your Ethereum account address, your asset (the digital hash) and other information will be used to create a token/record on the blockchain. To verify the owner of an asset token/record, you merely input an EXACT duplicate of the digital asset and submit for confirmation. Given the power of the blockchain you have an immutable record of ownership for an asset at a given point in time. With the creation of a unique token that represents your asset on the blockchain, you are then able to maintain and/or transfer ownership of the token to another party.


Manage Assets


  Create Asset Record on the Blockchain

Create a record of your important asset on the blockchain.

  View an Asset

View the details of an asset and verify ownership.

  Transfer Ownership

Transfer the ownership of your asset to another party.



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  Create Your Asset Provenance

Show provenance of your asset by putting it on the blockchain.
note: ether fee to create record/token, in addition to gas.


Step #3: Evidence of your asset. For a physical asset you can provide a digital proof. For a digital asset you can provide the actual asset or some facsimile.
A crypographic hash function will create a digital fingerprint of the asset for placement on the blockchain.
Note: The current maximum file size is 25MB.


Step #4: Submit to the blockchain after you have completed steps #1, 2, and 3.

Check to see if your transaction is complete.
Once your transaction is complete, check "View an Asset" to confirm details of your assets currently on the blockchain.

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  View an Asset

View the details of an Asset/Token currently on the blockchain.


Confirm an asset's ownership on the blockchain.

Step #1: Input the digital asset. Must be EXACTLY the same as the asset currently on the blockchain.


Step #2: Confirm ownership of an asset.

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create your own idea


  Transfer Ownership

Transfer the ownership of your token asset to another party.
note: ether fee to transfer token ownership, in addition to gas.

transfer ownership of your token asset


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