Contract Provenance System

Two-party cross-border agreements recorded on the blockchain


agree3 Contract Provenance System

The next generation of the internet, web3, will include a decentralized web powered by the blockchain. The agree3 application leverages that capability to empower persons to use the blockchain to conclude two party agreements. While at present a supplement to the current online and offline methods for concluding agreements, sometime in the future the blockchain and smart contracts may be the primary method for concluding international agreements.




The power of the blockchain creates an immutable record of your agreement.


Two Party Agreement

Trusted agreements through combining digital contracts with digital signatures of both parties.



Cross-border, international agreements between two parties.


How it Works

The agree3 DApp is currently in beta on the Ropsten Testnet

Important: You need a web3 supporting browser to use this Ethereum DApp … something like Mist or the MetaMask browser extension.

As the first step, the first party to the agreement (person #1) enters a title, description, and the account address for the second party to the agreement (person #2). Person #1 then uploads or copy/paste the agreement and then submits it to the blockchain. As the second step, person #2 uploads or copy/pastes an EXACT copy of the agreement and uses their account address to access the blockchain ... where the agreement and person #2's account address are verified with the data on the blockchain. If it matches, person #2 is then allowed to approve the agreement.


Application Features


Initiate Agreement Process

Person #1 begins the process of concluding an agreement by putting a record on the blockchain.


Approve the Agreement

Person #2 in the agreement approves ("signs") the agreement provided by person #1.


View Your Record(s)

View your digital record(s) currently on the blockchain for the agreement(s) you have submitted and/or approved.

Use the Application


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