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About idea3 Project

The next generation of creating great ideas and proposals ... using the power of the blockchain to create an immutable record of provenance. idea3 allows you the opportunity to not only put your ideas on the blockchain, but to also vote for your favorite ideas.
Join the fun and put your great idea on the blockchain and create a record of origin!



The creation date and other details are placed on the blockchain to create an immutable record.



idea3 is a place to document your great ideas.



idea3 is a place where ideas from around the world can recorded and shared.


How it Works

The idea3 DApp is currently in beta on the Ropsten Testnet

You need a web3 supporting browser to use this Ethereum DApp … something like Mist or the MetaMask browser extension.

idea3 is a simple but powerful application, where to document your idea or proposal you simply input a title and the idea and upon submission to the blockchain an immutable record is created that includes your address (identity), date, and the idea. Given the power of the blockchain you then have an immutable record of your ownership of an idea at a given point in time.


  "Ideas" on the Blockchain

List of the Ideas that have been put on the blockchain.


Number Title Description



create your own idea


  View an Idea

View the details of a specific Idea currently on the blockchain.

Idea # Title
create your own idea



create your own idea


  Create Your Idea

Create your own idea/proposal on the blockchain.
Note: 0.001 ether fee to create an idea record, in addition to gas.

Check to see if your transaction is complete.
Once your transaction is complete, click the below button for the details that were sent to the blockchain.

create your own idea



vote for your favorite idea


  Vote for Your Favorite Idea.

Let's vote for your favorite idea.
Note: You can only vote for each Idea one time.
Note: No transaction fee, just the cost of gas.

vote for your favorite idea



Please feel free to provide comments, advice or any other feedback on this DApp.


Share your idea! Don't forget to include your Idea NUMBER.