fractional ownership and exchange of assets


FRAXsset Project

The next generation of the internet, web3, will include a decentralized web powered by the blockchain. The FRAXsset application leverages that capability to help in creating provenance and record of ownership for almost any type of asset, from digital assets like software code, songs, images, video and documents to physical assets like real estate and art. FRAXsset is optimal for support of cross-border (international) joint ownership and exchange of assets. It allows not only from the recording of an asset, but additionally the division of said assets into shares/tokens that can represent the fractional ownership by multiple parties of the asset. It subsequently allows for the transfer to another party of owned shares/tokens. Create a record on the blockchain of your important assets!



FRAXsset uses the blockchain to create an immutable record that shows a date of origin and ownership for an asset.


Important Assets

FRAXsset allows for record on the blockchain of your valuable assets such as software code, music, video, images, real estate, and art.


Multi Format

FRAXsset supports multiple asset formats like image (jpg, png, gif), text (txt, html, css), application (pdf, js), audio (mp3), and video (mp4).


Fractional Ownership

FRAXsset provides for the division of an asset into tokens/shares that represent fractional ownership.


Transfer Assets

FRAXsset allows for the transfer of the asset share owned to another party.


This DApp is currently under development. The Alpha version should be available here for testing in several weeks.



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