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TranzWorldBiz DApps

The next generation of the internet, web3, meets the next generation of safeguarding your assets, international agreements, and great ideas.


Our Ethereum DApp Projects

Check out some cool distributed applications built that run on the Ethereum blockchain network. Note: Requires a blockchain connection ... such as Mist or Metamask.

idea3 DApp Project
idea3 Project

Put your idea on the blockchain. Fun app to put your best ideas on the blockchain to document and show provenance. Phase 1 is currently in Beta on the Ethereum Ropsten test network.

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agree3 DApp Project
agree3 Project

The next generation of concluding cross-border (international) two party agreements ... creating validation and immutability through the power of the blockchain.

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asset3 DApp Project
asset3 Project

The next generation of maintaining provenance for assets. With the next generation of the internet, web3, included will be a decentralized web powered by the blockchain. asset3 leverages that capability to empower persons/entities to create provenance for their important assets.

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asset3eX DApp Project
asset3eX Project

Expanding upon the asset3 project, asset3eX utilizes the Ethereum ERC-721 standard to create unique tokens for the representation of almost any type of asset for recording and exchange/transfer of ownership on the blockchain.

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FRAXsset DApp Project
FRAXsset Project

FRAXsset is being build around "fractional ownership" and is optimal for the support of cross-border (international) joint ownership and exchange of physical and digital assets. Currently under development.

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investMyBiz DApp Project
investMyBiz Project

Future project ... currently Proof of Concept development. Seeks to make it easier and more transparent for arranging and managing cross-border, international capital investments in businesses.

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